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 Abidexin Review: Is The Dosage Wrong?

Abidexin has been on the diet pill market scene for not too long. It is a hunger suppressant that also claims the ability to boost metabolism and burn fat. One striking thing about it is that it totally identical to Apidexin and both are supplied by the same company. These two products are also renowned for having their ingredient profiles changed at short notice. You may be at a loss whether to buy Abidexin or Apidexin, but never mind, they are the same product.


Abidexin Claims

 This diet pill maintains that taking it will help you in the following ways:

  • Boost your metabolism
  • Curb your appetite and cravings
  • Improve energy and Focus

Let us discover whether it will actually accomplish this effectively by going into the nitty gritty of this product and analyzing the ingredients, customer reviews and other points.


Abidexin ingredients


These are a patented formula of raspberry ketones. They are known to decrease the rate at which fat is absorbed. They also burn fat and reduce the metabolism of carbs into sugars. It was featured on the Oz show as a very potent fat burner.

Coleus Forskohlii 

Its believed that coleus forskohlii can aid weight loss according to scientific research.

Irvingia Gabonensis

The other name for this product is African Mango. It been clinically proven to help with weight loss due to the fact that reduces the  leptin resistance condition and also slows down the rate at which the belly is emptied of food that has been consumed. This causes one to feel full for a much longer period. It also reduces cravings.

 Thermodiamine™ (98% Evodiamine)

It is believed that Evodiamine has the ability to raise the body’s basal heat so that more energy can be used. Thermodiamine is the patent formula of evodiamine.

 Caffeine anhydrous

Caffeine is generally reported to raise metabolism and curb appetite to a certain degree. It can not be used on its own as a weight loss aid as the results may be only temporary.

 Wakame Seaweed (10% Fucoxanthin) 

It has been proved in a clinical research that Fuxothanthin can raise thermogenics in fat cells. This rise in heat enables the fat to be burnt more effectively.


Chromax also known as Chromium Picolinate has different views about whether it can aid weight reduction or not. Some studies claim that it does, while others claim that it only helps with regulating blood sugar among diabetic patients. However, other studies claim that its blood sugar control capability can help reduce appetite.

Vitamin B12

Although this vitamin pays a role in metabolism, research has not concluded that it can reduce weight significantly.

 Guggul EZ 100™

Studies on the action of this extract on cholesterol have not found any relationship at all.

Green Select Phytosome tea

It is acclaimed by the manufacturers of this patented green tea extract, that it contains more polyphenols and catechins than regular green tea. Generally green tea has been found to increase the level of thermogenics, raise metabolism and reduce appetite.

 Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee has an active phytochemical enzyme known as chlorogenic acid. It stops the rate at which sugar is absorbed into the blood stream resulting in the decrease of the rate at which fat accumulates. It has been found to enhance metabolism so that food is turned into energy much faster. It was found that this could happen even without calorie restrictions.

Coenzyme Q10

This compound is high in anti-oxidants. It will only raise metabolic rate if exercise is also undertaken. It will not perform any miracles.


The Advantages of Abidexin

The product boasts the Pros listed below:

  • The product is made from natural products most of which have been proven to assist with weight reduction. This means that its side effects may be minimal.
  •  It comes with a ninety day money back guarantee. This translates into the fact that you will be able to try it at no risk to yourself.
  • The quantities of the ingredients stated clearly on the bottle label as well as the website. This is more information than many diet pill manufacturers would like to release.


The Disadvantages of Abidexin and Dosage

While the product has some pros it also has some quite outstanding cons.

  • This diet pill does not seem to have enough quantities of Green coffee bean extract as well as other ingredients. The recommended dosage is 200-400mg 3 times daily for effectiveness but you only get 200mg twice daily from Abidexin. It also appears that the quantities are per serving of 2 capsules. This would actually  mean that you are taking a serious under dose. You are effectively taking a half dose daily with the hope of losing weight?  http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/fact-sheet-green-coffee-bean
  • The product also looks very similar to Apidexin and this sends negative signals as to why to products with almost similar names are on the market at the same time for the same price. Even the websites of the two products are exactly the same testimonials and all! Apart from that, it is also quite similar to Lipofuze and Slimvox and is probably manufactured by the same company to satisfy different markets and the gullible.
  • Furthermore, the manufacturers do not have any contact details that can identify who they are. Some customers have failed to contact them despite many attempts. What company would not like to be connected to a product that works?


Dangers of Diet Pills Video


Consumer Reviews of Abidexin: Does it really work?

While some customers on amazon reported that the product worked for them, many more complained that it did not work and gave them nasty side effects of severe stomach pains. There seems to be by far more people giving a negative review than a positive one.  One user gave the following review:


This is NOT the product I wanted. I searched Amazon for Apidexin. This company changed the “P” to a “B”, and intentionally marketed the product packaging to make consumers believe they were purchasing the Apidexin product. This is NOT the same product! I tried to reach the company by phone or e-mail, and of course their website makes it almost impossible. Not surprised! Diana Kirk amazon.com

And another customer also added:

 I used this with the 7DFBX as recommended and had no success. I followed the directions completely and it failed! Sorry….wish i had better feedback but I am disappointed! :(  S. Carroll at amazon.com


There is no end to the negative reviews about this diet pill. At the moment this diet pill is rated very poorly at Amazon at 2 stars out 5 and the owners are a laughing stock in my opinion. This is to be expected if you are taking half doses of any remedy!


Where to buy Abidexin in Stores

It can only be purchased from the official product website and Amazon. It comes at the price of $49.95 but you may obtain a discount if you buy more than one. This product has no free trials but comes with a 90 day money back guarantee although customers have had difficulties redeeming it.



Abidexin is quite a highly priced product considering the reviews that it got. In addition, the fact that the owners do not wish to be known and are not contactable leaves a lot to be desired. Clearly something has gone very wrong with this product but buyers just keep buying and the manufacturers continue making loads of cash.

In all appearances, it looks like the recommended dosage is wrong as there is not enough in each capsule making it rather ineffective for weight loss.

The internet is full of products that may be better and more fairly priced. The difficulty lies in finding them due to the sea of fake reviews about.  Click the link below to compare Hiprolean X-S with Abidexin.


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