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Pure Cleanse Colon Cleanser Review

Pure cleanse is another colon cleanser that is on the market at the moment. It is marketed as a weight loss aid not just purely a colon cleanse. This is because the manufacturers believe that faecal impaction in the large intestine also influences weight. However, they do not dispute the value of cleansing the gut in addition to weight loss. Pure cleanse claims that you will get the following benefits out of using it:


  • You will lose weight
  • Get a flatter stomach
  • You will get rid of bloating
  • You will get better bowel movements
  • They also insinuate a whole host of other ailments will be dealt with using Pure Cleanse


The ingredients in Pure Cleanse:

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green tea is an antioxidant and is rich in catechins and polyphenols. It has the ability to fight free radicals and clear toxins from the body.

Ginger Root Extract

Ginger has oils and oleoresins that can stimulate the digestive tract to perform better but there are no clinical studies to support this.

Cascara Sagrada Bark

This is an ingredient that is believed to have powerful colon cleansing power. It was traditionally used by American Indians to improve bowel movement and is now being used in many colon cleansers. It increases the contraction of muscles in gut to assist peristalsis. It is believed to be the most commonly used natural laxative at the moment.

Grape Seed Extract

GSE has anti fungal and antibacterial properties. It is used in the treatment of stomach  and yeast infections. It also contains anti-oxidants that can remove toxic waste from the gut but without destroying the healthy flora that lives there. It has also been used as an antiseptic.


Has a high level of  anti-oxidants. It also contains vitamin K, A and C. It may also help the muscles in the gut to contract more and help with the expulsion of wastes.

Mangosteen Fruit Extract

Mongosteen has anti-oxidant properties in it phytochemical components. Research believes that it also has anti-cancer properties although human clinical trial have not been undertaken on it. It also has a fair amount of fibre that can help in alleviating constipation.

Resveratrol Extract

Resveratrol is also high in anti-oxidants and can deal with toxins in the body. It is also believed to have the ability to kill cancers cells and halt the rate at which it spreads.

Echinacea Extract

It is generally believed that Echinacea has the power to boost the immune system and it has been used widely as a treatment for colds and other immune symptoms. However, some scientific studies tend to claim that its effect on the immune system is minimal. Its role in the cure of cancer has been totally refuted.

Red Clover Extract

There is no evidence to the belief that this plant extract can reduce the growth of cancer cells. It can also have negative side effects in some people in the form of headache, skin rash, muscle pain and nausea.

Rhubarb Root Extract

Rhubarb is traditionally known as a laxative and it is very well known for this purpose all over the world. It will regularise bowel movement.

Buckthorn Bark

This is the same as Cascara Sagrada Bark

Cape Aloe Resin Concentrate

This has fibres and is known for its laxative effect. It also has other healing properties like boosting the immune system, clearing allergies, reducing stomach cramps. It is has been reported that taking aloe laxatives over prolonged periods may stop its effect altogether.

Barberry Root

Barberry Root has a chemical component known as barberine. It has been used for centuries for a series of ailments. It is also known for the treatment of infections in the urinary tract, digestive tract, fungal infections and skin conditions. It is also a very good loose bowel remedy. The fact that this extract is known to reduce diarrhea seems to oppose the claims given by the manufacturers of Pure Cleanse.


Who are the manufacturers of Pure Cleanse?

Unfortunately, apart from the contact form, there are no other contact details about who makes this product. They also have a US and UK site but they also have the same issue.


The Advantages of Pure Cleanse

  • Pure Cleanse is made from natural ingredients. This makes them just a little bit safer in case of an overdose. They may also not give very adverse negative effects unless one has an allergy to them. It is wise to follow the directions of natural products even then.
  • The product is full of anti-oxidants that reduce toxins in the body and promote general health. Anti-oxidants fight free radicals that in may cause cancer and low immunity.
  • The laxative effect of many of the ingredients may increase bowel movements and give a feeling of lightness.
  • It comes with a 100 days money back guarantee.


The Disadvantages of Pure Cleanse

  • Most of the ingredients have not been proven to fight cancer cells in clinical trials. Scientists dispute the ability of these ingredients to fight colon cancer or any cancer as the manufacturers of this product may want us to believe. The product may contain high quality anti-oxidants but will not fight cancer cells.
  • The product contains a series of laxatives that will induce bowel movements but the quantities of each ingredient is not known. There may be to much or too little of the active ingredients which may mean that the results may be reduced or there may be a severe reaction to it.
  • The product is not likely to give you long lasting weight loss results as most of the ingredients have been tailored to the gut area. While the removal of fecal material may make you feel lighter for a while, it does not culminate in substantial weight loss. The only ingredients that have been known to give lasting weight loss results are mangosteen, green tea and to a lesser degree resveratrol. But it is a pity that the quantities of the ingredients have not been advertised.
  • The price of this Pure cleanse is a whopping £39.95 for a 30 day supply. The dosage is not included on the official website and it will be discovered when you buy the product.
  • The official website lacks clear direction about the use of this product and how exactly it will help with colon cleansing and weight loss. They do dwell a lot on ingredients that they claim have been known to cure cancer but they do not describe the way the product will work for the purpose for which it is advertised. One is left to wonder whether this product is for the treatment of cancer or a colon cleanser and weight loss aid. 


Pure Cleanse Customer Reviews

There are no user reviews any where else apart from the official website. Their weight loss appears to be quite exaggerated. Do not expect to get the same results if you buy this product.



Pure Cleanse is made of all natural ingredients, but it may give you quite a bit of diarrhea. While it may reduce the fecal matter in your belly, it may not give you enduring weight loss results due to the fact that there are very few weight loss ingredients in it and the quantities have been omitted. It may also deplete the flora in you gut as it has no added probiotics and trace minerals. They also do include the question about cancer in the ingredients that may put fear in the buyers so that they may buy the product.

There are other products on the market that give a better explanation of their action to cleanse the colon and reduce weight that could be cheaper and better.  The play on the cancer illness to market this product is a little off putting. In addition, buying a colon cleanser that also doubles as a weight loss product is usually a big gamble.


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